Sustainability Award

At Mattress Online, we prioritise sustainability at every point in our business - and as the sustainable leaders in the mattress and bed industry, we’re always striving to do more.

Our efforts are not going unnoticed! We have already been recognised by Modern Retail's Good Retail Awards for our constant drive for sustainability and our commitment to the environment.

If you’re interested in finding out about our current sustainable actions and exactly how we are moving these forward, please read our Sustainability Pledge.

Good Retail Awards - Sustainability Award

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We’re incredibly proud to have been recognised by Modern Retail’s Good Retail Awards for our efforts in creating a more sustainable mattress industry.

We were recognised in early 2022 for our sustainability initiatives when the Modern Retail’s panel judged us to have shown commitment at every level, including:

  • Launching our non-profit Mattress Recycling Service
  • Introducing ethically sourced uniforms for our staff
  • Offering a cycle-to-work scheme for all employees
  • Using 100% recyclable polythene mattress bags
  • Promoting more sustainable products, such as our eco-friendly collection

During the 2022 awarding period, Modern Retail saw that we saved thousands of mattresses from going to landfill. They also highlighted that over this time:

The Good Retail Awards 2022 Sustainability award

Catherine Erdly, Founder of the Resilient Retail Club and judge at Good Retail, had this to say about our sustainability efforts:

From a sheer volume perspective, given the size of a mattress, the amount of space that must have been saved from landfill must be enormous. It is a great example of looking at lots of elements of a process to make the largest difference.

Catherine Erdly

Managing Director of Modern Retail, Rob Gamage, said:

As always, it's inspiring to see so many fantastic entries in this category and it was hard work for the judges to pick a winner. But Mattress Online thoroughly impressed us with their dedicated effort to run a more sustainable business. They have set up a truly end-to-end process that will continue to reduce their impact on the environment in the future.

Rob Gamage

Holly Worthington, Content Editor at Modern Retail, commented on the Modern Retail website:

Mattress Online has committed to sustainability at every level, seeking to reduce packaging, promote eco ranges, improve efficiency, support cycle to work schemes for employees and even sourcing a new staff uniform made from recycled material.

Holly Worthington

We won’t stop there! In fact, winning this award has made us even more motivated to carry on doing as much as we can to make the mattress industry as environmentally friendly as possible!

If you’re looking for more sustainability information, why not check out our Sustainability Pledge?

Or, if you’re looking for a new mattress, take a look at our complete eco-friendly mattress range today!